PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® is a range of flower formulas which uses vibrational energy of plants to release energy blocks in the human body.

PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® philosophy has been created by Lady Prof. Diana Mossop, the founder of the Institute of Phytobiophysics, Jersey, UK - a long term advocate of energetic approach to personal wellbeing.

PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Flower Formulas aid healing by:

  • Removing energy blocks
  • Re-balancing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disturbances
  • Improving assimilation of vital nutrients
  • Rectifying impact of environmental pollutants
  • Enabling the body to function harmoniously

PHYTO-BIO-PHYSICS is the application of living energy of plants for the benefit of the human body, mind and spirit.


Thus, the flowers and trees around us do much more for us than just serve as a backdrop for our pictures – they interact with us on many subtle levels. PHYTOBIOPHYSICS could almost be called PLANT TALK.

Which flower or tree speaks to you the most? Find out how to match its frequency to that of your problem area for yourself.