I contacted Beata after my son was admitted into hospital as he had incontinent bladder and bowel movement.

The hospital had carried out a number of tests and scans and were unable to find the cause. The situation seemed to be getting worse with my son and I then contacted Beata.

She carried out 2x distant healing sessions with My son and I began to see a difference. The number of times he was having the accidents reduced. She recommended the Gluten diet and provided me with lots of food ideas which I found very useful.

We were then discharged from hospital awaiting further tests. I booked an appointment to see Beata and visited her with my son. After 2x more sessions of Bodytalk my son has now full control his bladder/bowel.

My son is now a happier child and am grateful for Beata’s help.


In November last year my son who is 9 was suffering a great deal of bullying at school. In fact in his five years of schooling he has been to three different schools and I had never considered that maybe the problem was with him.

Eventually in desperation I consulted with Beata to see if she could find a solution to these problems as I was beginning to think he was autistic and needed to go to a special school.

Beata’s testing was thorough and after blood, stool and mineral hair samples a picture of his true health problems began to unfold. After six months of treatment with Beata I have to say my beautiful and delightful little boy that I knew previously has returned to the family and he is happy for the first time in five years.

I am extremely grateful that Beata is treating my family and will continue to use her expertise so that we can live with optimum health and wellbeing.

Stephanie O.

I have been feeling unwell for a long time: I lacked energy and felt tired and lethargic. My muscles hurt and I was anxious for no apparent reason. I was also bloated and felt my digestive system was not working properly and my sinuses were always blocked. I kept going to my GP but they treated each and every symptom individually, rather than looking at the whole picture. The final straw was a nasty bout of thrush that was really uncomfortable.

Someone suggested seeing a nutritionist and I got Beata’s name through the Candida Society. I could not have been luckier! She suggested I took a stool test and through that worked out that my gut was the problem. I followed a strict diet and dropped any food containing sugar, yeast, wheat and dairy. I was also recommended some supplements and a couple of sessions of BodyTalk. I never looked back: I felt better and better! My energy level soared and my anxiety almost disappeared. My muscles don’t hurt and my bloated tummy has gone down. I would recommend Beata without hesitation.

Silvia L.

I found the appointment experience with Beata fascinating. I learned an incredible amount and am hopeful that the plan you put together for my 9 year old son will transform his enjoyment of food in the future. Thank you Beata, it was a pleasure to meet you!

Chrissy L

I would highly commend Beata to anyone with a child suffering from a gut disorder as she has time and time again been a deep fountain of knowledge. We have been working with Beata for over 4 years and whilst it has been a tough journey I have always found Beata able to strike the balance of extending support and encouragement as well as professional advice. Her rapport with my son was and still is the central focus with a positive mutually beneficial outcome ‘Happy well child, happy parents’.

I cannot thank Beata enough for her patience in working with us. It is and was exactly what we needed to move my sons’ health forward. In particular, since my son started to receive BodyTalk treatment, almost a year ago, we have seen the largest shift in his whole wellbeing having tried a number of therapies.


Using no prescription meds to upset my body/mind's delicate bio-chemical balance Beata has given me such body/mind freedom and peace as I never thought possible, my mind is behaving differently, it is much happier and less frenetic and fearful.

Sadly, it took me over 40 years of searching to find her.

Thank you Beata!

Jill F
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