Beata I just wanted to say how much both Scott and I wanted to thank you for seeing us at such short notice on Monday. I cannot tell you how desperate I was when I spoke to you earlier that day and all I can say is you are just a miracle worker!!! I know we are not through the woods yet but Scott is a lot more confident, happier and positive regarding all the issues he discussed with you. In his words he referred to you as "Dynamo The Magician". I can assure you coming from Scott that is a huge compliment!!

He found you so easy to talk to and if there are any more issues in the future I know he would come back to see you in a heartbeat.

Thank you Thank You Thank You

Jackie M.

I have consulted Beata on several occasions over the past few years to successfully treat medical issues I have had such as candida overgrowth, irritable bowel syndrome, and most recently a long-term virus.

Beata used Phytobiophysics to establish what imbalances may have contributed to my symptoms. She has also provided me with dietary suggestions to combat the conditions experienced. Currently I am on a programme to build up my immune system with the use of Phytobiophysics flower formulas and vitamin supplements. The virus has gone and I am feeling stronger and stronger as I continue.

The IBS is long a thing of the past too – to the surprise of my husband. It has taken many doctors I have seen in the past to make no difference and only Beata to alleviate the problem altogether.

Wendy J.

My Son got ill with a bad fever and headaches a few weeks before his GCSE exams started. We knew he may have been affected by some of the traumatic family situations that had happened in the preceding weeks, but he felt he was OK. He said it was the ton of sweets he had eaten that weekend that had caused or triggered the ill health!

As he was due to be sitting his exams, we felt he needed to be in tip top condition as far as his health was concerned. As we weren’t able to get to see Beata in the times she had available, we agreed that she would do a remote Body talk session later one evening to find out what was going on, what the cause of his ill health was and then she’d be able to balance him out so he got better quickly.

Beata’s report of why my Son had got sick was spot-on, very accurate indeed. We learned that he was indeed shocked and upset by what had happened at home, and that he had certain feelings which were new to him and which he was finding hard to deal with, and this included having to grow up from a child into a young man, having just reached 16 years of age. Beata balanced him out in all 3 areas and his health very quickly sorted itself out.

Beata did another remote follow up session later that week to clear up anything else that was going on, and picked up a few things which were sorted out.

J. recovered quickly and was back to his normal self within 3-4 days, having had 3 days off school to recover. I feel it would have taken much longer for him to recover if we’d not had the BodyTalk sessions done for him. We have also found in the past that when he gets too ill with a fever, if it’s not dealt with quickly and properly, he has had a tendency to get pneumonia which he has had twice in the past.

We find Beata to be an excellent practitioner in how she operates, her high level of knowledge is excellent and makes us feel like we are in safe hands. Her professionalism when dealing with people is great as well as her being just a lovely person to deal with. She is our first port of call if we can’t deal with a health challenge ourselves.


After many years of having poor gum health and being diagnosed with a genetic periodontal disease causing unusually sensitive gums, I had persevered with good gum health hygiene habits as directed by my dentist.

However after some considerable time of carrying out these routines, regular check ups showed that there had only been minor improvements in the health of the gums. Thus I decided I needed a different approach, it was at this point then that I decided to try the 'Bodytalk' method with Beata.

I opted to engage Beata based on a couple of personal recommendations, and after having the initial appointment with her I was impressed with her ability to tap into my body. She asked me to undertake a couple of tests that would allow for a deeper analysis, the results of which then determined the approach that she recommended that I take.

This was a more holistic method including using more natural hygiene methods and adding an element of nutritional advice to aid my body.

There was significant improvement in a reasonably short period of time, I would estimate around 4 to 5 weeks in total. And during this period I actually had an appointment with my usual dental hygienist, who in fact commented on the marked improvement in my teeth and gum health, asking what methods I had been using? and also recommending that I keep the new regime up.

Suky G.

I was so inspired by Beata’s holographic Body Talk approach that I signed up for a course myself!

After discussing my general health status and eating habits, Beata ‘scanned’ through my whole body: skeletal system, organs, brain and nervous system and ‘re-set’ or re-established the circuitry between the brain, meridians and chakras.

I did feel an immediate shift taking place and a feeling of lightness and wellbeing. Beata also was fun to communicate with as she has a great sense of humour and made me feel instantly welcome.

Brigitte A.

My son had had a bad bout of food poisoning when we were away recently. On our return Beata did a remote BodyTalk session for him, to improve whatever had caused it.

The effect was instant, to the exact time she ran the session. "He already feels so much better!" His girlfriend couldn't believe the improvement when she asked him a question. He was right there with a reply, somewhat different to how he'd been before. And he's taking the recommended supplement to support his improvement.

Mother of J.B.
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