What can I say about Beata - absolutely incredible. She has supported me with my wellbeing and areas of my life beyond anything I could imagine. I couldn’t recommend Beata enough.

Louise W.

My daughter L started to suffer from diarrhoea around the time she reached 18 month. Within few weeks she also started to have stomach cramps and it seemed she was in a lot of pain at the times. Her development took a step back and from adventurous little pickle we went to a toddler that was constantly sitting on my or nursery teacher’s lap cuddled up and upset. She lost her confidence and her appetite dropped rapidly. We visited our local GP 3 times within two weeks only to be told that this is common toddler diarrhoea and she will grow out of it. After the last visit I could not take it anymore and started to look into other alternatives.

I was recommended to see Beata and I booked an appointment straight away. We went through the Body talk session and Beata found that the problem was gluten. We took L off gluten and started to see the difference almost immediately. Her bowel movement was healthy within a week and by the end of second week she returned back to happy, active and independent toddler. I am very grateful for all Beata’s help!

Liliana S.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working professionally with Beata for many years. I have personally recommended her to many of my clients over the years. The feedback I had is that each one of them has been treated with the upmost care, and attention. Her knowledge is extensive and her able to help and support is outstanding.

My personal testimonial is that Beata has completely help and rebalanced my body in order for it to function much better. She has rebalanced my thyroid in order for me to resume and support my very busy work life balance. She is my ‘go to’ person for any health issues and is always kind, generous with her time and knowledge.

Linda B. (Linden Therapies)

I was very pleased to have been assisted by Beata Rachowiecka to help me with the after effects of a Mini Stroke (TIA) last January. She has also helped me at various times over the past few years.

Beata combines extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition and herbal treatments with her work as a BodyTalk Practitioner. The latter is a remarkable system of healing involving scientific knowledge of the body and a highly intuitive, yet quantum physics based muscle testing based approach. The two complement each other brilliantly and powerfully.

Beata was able to use both to bring about some remarkable results for me.

Mr. S. W.

Our nearly 15 yr old Son had the sickness bug, and had been ill several times that morning. Other family members elsewhere had also had this bug and it had lasted a number of days. We took him to see Beata, who this time used BodyTalk to address it. We had been to see her with him before where other treatment modalities were used, however this approach was new to us.

There was a marked difference in how he looked when the appointment had finished, as he looked awful and grey, felt really ill and weak and didn't want to be touched beforehand. After the session, he already felt better and very sleepy but had started to perk up. What we found amazing was that through using BodyTalk, Beata could pin point EXACTLY what the issue was, where it was in his body and other related factors, and how this bug has started to shut down parts of his body so they weren't functioning properly. He had a staph infection with gastric flu, which we believe would not have been so easy for a conventional doctor to pick up. Things like the spleen had stopped working, the intestinal tract had stopped functioning properly and so on. There were other related issues that were also dealt with, which meant he had 7 ‘themes’ to be looked at to start the healing process off for the things that were making him ill. This was a lot of work but he was able to cope. He is not typically a sick child but having had some severe flu and pneumonia infections over a year ago, it was great to have him better in a number of days rather than weeks as has been the case when we didn't see Beata.

BodyTalk is an amazing energy medicine and works with the body to start off the bodies' own healing mechanisms much like sorting out a computer programme for when the computer has a virus; no pills and potions are needed. I would highly recommend Beata as I have been doing to people who are not well. What Beata is able to do is to be a conduit or an interpreter for what our bodies are telling us is making us ill and to then use BodyTalk to start the body's own self healing mechanism, and her firm but gentle and understanding manner with people is just right.


At 35 weeks of my pregnancy I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my right leg. I was put on Fragmin injections. During this period I was suffering from dizzy spells and difficultly in sleeping. At 39 weeks I delivered my baby through an elective Caesarean. The doctors then started to wean me onto Warfarin. The following day I developed a rash all over my body. It was very itchy and soar. The doctors couldn't understand what I was allergic to. Some believed it was warfarin but the dermatologist believed it was one of the pain killers.

I was given steroid through the vein to reduce the rash but it made no difference. Once I come home my itching continued and felt no relief and the rash continued to get worse. I visited the doctors and was told they didn't know what was causing it to continue itching.

My friend recommended seeing Beata and I contacted her for help through Body Talk. She was very good and I am amazed at the recovery.

During my first appointment Beata was able to identify what I was allergic to and eliminate this through body talk. After my first session I began to see results straight away. The rash had reduced significantly. Within 3days the rash had completely gone and itching had reduced by 70%. I am required to follow a diet recommended by Beata as well as vitamin supplements.

I had a further session a week later and Beata worked on the specific areas I was still feeling itching. The itching had stopped as soon as I had this session and as I write this testimonial it has been 5 days since my last session and I have had no itching or rash whatsoever. Overall I'm feeling great and am now able to enjoy motherhood.

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