Spoken to Beata all about my problems and I have to say I do have a few going on.

She was not put off by this and went through every single heath issue with me in detail.

Also went through all my medical history & tests, which again is a lot.

Beata is very knowledgeable in what she does and if she can’t answer a question she will go away and find out. When she was in tuned with my body she managed to do this over zoom, very impressive and it did help.

I will be using Beata again without a doubt. She is very friendly and extremely approachable and knowable.

Tracy B.

I have now been visiting Beata for some years with various ailments from tummy problems, stress issues, personal issues, in which time she has been calming, understanding and had an immediate empathy towards me. Beata’s knowledge and skill set are one of a kind that is very hard to find but one that works! I don’t profess to understand all of her skills nor knowledge of the human body but give me her understanding of metabolism any day - it’s refreshing and works every time.

A Happy Customer

I brought my husband, my son age 10 and daughter age 5, and myself to Beata. My son was stressed out, had a limp with his gait and wasn't sleeping well. My daughter had dark circles under her eyes and belching with every meal. My husband was overweight, had bloodshot eyes and was irritable. I was stressed out and not sleeping well.

Beata was able to resolve all of our symptoms and concerns with Phytobiophysics, supplements and nutritional changes. My son was able to sleep well and the limp went away. My daughter's belching went away immediately and the dark circles soon subsided. My husband lost an inch in his waistline, his eyes cleared up and he developed a very happy disposition! I too became calm and achieved restful sleep.

Two years later, my son developed spontaneous tachycardia (fast heart rate) which occurred while he was sitting in the classroom, dining at the table, etc. The cardiologists could not find anything mechanically wrong with my son's heart yet they recommended an invasive procedure where they would "zap" or destroy some of the heart tissue. My son wanted nothing to do with the procedure. I then contacted Beata. Through BodyTalk, Phytobiophysics remedies and supplements, my son's tachycardia has been in remission for over one year now! What joy! I highly recommend Beata to everyone!

Thank you Beata!

Mrs. D. B.

What can I say about Beata - absolutely incredible. She has supported me with my wellbeing and areas of my life beyond anything I could imagine. I couldn’t recommend Beata enough.

Louise W.

My daughter L started to suffer from diarrhoea around the time she reached 18 month. Within few weeks she also started to have stomach cramps and it seemed she was in a lot of pain at the times. Her development took a step back and from adventurous little pickle we went to a toddler that was constantly sitting on my or nursery teacher’s lap cuddled up and upset. She lost her confidence and her appetite dropped rapidly. We visited our local GP 3 times within two weeks only to be told that this is common toddler diarrhoea and she will grow out of it. After the last visit I could not take it anymore and started to look into other alternatives.

I was recommended to see Beata and I booked an appointment straight away. We went through the Body talk session and Beata found that the problem was gluten. We took L off gluten and started to see the difference almost immediately. Her bowel movement was healthy within a week and by the end of second week she returned back to happy, active and independent toddler. I am very grateful for all Beata’s help!

Liliana S.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working professionally with Beata for many years. I have personally recommended her to many of my clients over the years. The feedback I had is that each one of them has been treated with the upmost care, and attention. Her knowledge is extensive and her able to help and support is outstanding.

My personal testimonial is that Beata has completely help and rebalanced my body in order for it to function much better. She has rebalanced my thyroid in order for me to resume and support my very busy work life balance. She is my ‘go to’ person for any health issues and is always kind, generous with her time and knowledge.

Linda B. (Linden Therapies)
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