What is Body Mind Insights

Your BODY is your physical self, your vehicle. Your MIND is a process that arises from the body to position itself to your internal and external environment. Many believe it to reside in the brain alone, however it affects the whole body as it regulates the flow of information and creates awareness.

Thus the BODY MIND is one and the same. They both affect each other, e.g. when you have been stressed for a while, you may feel low, and when you feel depressed, your body may feel even worse and begin to play up.

BODY MIND INSIGHTS enables you to gain a deep understanding of your problems to break the cycle. The goal is not only to help you return to optimum health but also to give you self-help tools to maintain it. Like a bridge to take you forward, re-kindling of this self-healing ability is key to your future, awareness-based wellbeing.

The main principles behind my approach

How I apply them

Sounds too good to be true? Are you ready to join me on the journey to embrace and embody your full health potential?
Walk through the door to discover the new you….

What Body Mind Insights offers is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. My service is a useful adjunct to your healing process. Only medically qualified practitioners can diagnose and treat medical conditions. Please consult your doctor when required.

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